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Our core business was coworking space, carefully designed to stimulate collaboration between freelancers, startups and corporates and exchange knowledge and contacts.

In a very short period of time we created a great community of IT professionals. The level of expertise and decades of cumulative IT experience led to new interesting projects we worked on together as a team. We decided to sharpen that up, keep all the talent in-house, set a high bar for excellence and help our partners to solve their challenges.

Our agency is unique

Every new project is an opportunity to show our passion for the latest technologies while following the main CFS mission: “Creating Fantastic Software”


Number of full time developers at our coworking space


Years of cumulative expirience in software development


Projects in web and mobile domain we've worked on together

What we do?

Having an organisation of great people ready to deal with every business challenge and create new opportunities allows us to define our main mission as a very short and clear: CFS. Extensive experience in building different IT solutions for our clients and partners across different industries (financial services, transportation, tourism, non-profit organisations, healthcare) enable us to deal with their challenges by creating, testing and sharpening tailor made software solutions. Starting from idea to proof of concept and further product implementation, tershouse works with you throughout the whole product life cycle.


Discovery phase

The initial and most important stage for all our projects. Understand customer expectations and motivation to create the experience your software must provide.

Product design

When all ideas have been selected, the design process begins with identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users.

Product development

With the design process complete, we proceed further to development by creating a full stack solution. Ensuring that the code corresponds to product specifications and meets the stakeholders’ expectations.

QA and deployment

Moving the product to the QA environment where the testing actually takes place and defining steps that make a software system available for use.

Maintanence support

Proactive development, modifying, updating software to keep up with customer needs, enlarge and improve user experience.

Most complete tech stack on the market

There is no technology or platform we haven't worked with before. If you have an idea or a requirement, we can deliver IT!

How we do IT

Every time a new project comes into our house, we huddle up together for a casual lunch, coffee, beer (yes we had a lot of these in the past :) ) , analise current stage, discuss the roles, deadlines and next steps for the project.

When we’re done, the whole team is switching to ters mode , very specific mode which enable our team to fully focus on the current project, get IT done properly led by the main mission of creating fantastic software.

Are you ready to TERS with us?

Just imagine, having all the best and the most dedicated freelancers of the country gathered in one single place. Imagine them being only one phone call or email away from starting a new project you’ve been thinking of? Get in touch with us by sending your inquiry to vedad@tershouse.ba or immediately book a time slot in our calendar.