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Čuvajmo Šume

Čuvajmo Šume is an application designed to allow anonymous reports of forest illegal activities in BiH. It was developed in cooperation with USAID, CCI and FEA to help combat the growing problem of illegal logging, landfill and construction in the protected forest areas.

Services & scopes

UX Design and research
Visual identity
Native application development
System and architecture solution


There were several key challanges. One was to design an application that will be visually appealing to the average user and easy to use. Second one, to design the system in such a way so that the anonymity of the user who is reporting the activity remains hidden at all times. Third challenge was to implement an application that is fully functional in offline mode, taking into account that in most cases, data coverage in forests is quite poor.

Our approach

Our approach started with a research of several existing applications already implemented on the market. We organised several meetings with key partners on the project, including the representatives of the authorities in order to make sure application complies with the local laws. We had several design iterations with a closed testing group until the desired look and functionality of the application was achieved.

The result

The result is one of the best applications of this type currently on the mobile stores. It features offline capabilities, real time updates, complete anonymity of the users reporting actives and a fully functional dashboard for representatives of the law that allows them to quickly respond to any report and prevent further damage to BiH forests.

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