Web application


We created a Vita34 localized website for Bosnian market while taking care about complete branding and design that followed Vita guidelines but we also added some unique elements.

Services & scopes

UX Research & Strategy
Experience Design
Frontend Development
Server and architecture


Vita 34 is a full-range supplier of cryo-preservation and provides for the logistics to collect the blood, the preparation and the storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue. Challenge was to present technical and important information in a clear way so that the average user understands the message.

Our approach

Our team of Analysts, UX and UI designers took the challenge of analysing all the digital channels of the brand on other markers as well as the competitors. After a long run of analysis, drafts and to and fro sketches we created a consistent fluent user experience.

The result

The result of our work is a unique Vita34 website tailored for the local market but also a website that has a clear design similarities and connections to the main Vita34 brand which provides credibility to the information presented on the site.

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