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One Coworking

Berlin based startup for shared coworking space memberships. We developed mobile applications and web page. Check out different spaces, get to know various communities, and network your way around the world. With this app, Coworking enthusiasts get flexible global roaming between 50+ partner spaces spread over 6 continents.

Services & scopes

UX Design and research
Visual identity
Native application development
System and architecture solution
Web development


The main challenge was to build an application and web services for shared coworking space memberships in as few clicks as possible. Members should be able to find and book the suitable coworking space for their needs over 6 different continents and make an online payment using a one stop shop solution.

Our approach

Our approach started with a research of several existing applications already implemented on the market. We organised several meetings with key partners on the project. We had several design iterations with a closed testing group until the desired look and functionality of the application and a webpage was achieved.

The result

Both iOS and Android were developed natively. Some of the core SDKs and functionalities include Stripe SDK and subscription through the apps, Intercom integration, Firebase Authentication and real time database. For the web, frontend module developed in React, integration with Intercom and payment subscription module implemented through Stripe.

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