Mobile app


American based startup that aims to simplify online shopping experience. App collects all the best deals from over 100+ shops and gives best deals, options to pay and have a delivery to your address. Our agency was in charge of design, development of iOS app and backend.

Services & scopes

UX Design and research
Visual identity
Native application development
System and architecture solution


The main challenge was to simplify the online shopping experience for all users, have all the best deals in one place, include as many shops as possible and integrate an option for online payment and direct delivery to exact address.

Our approach

We started with a deep research of several applications already implemented on the market. Next step was organising several meetings with partners on the project in order to make sure the application will comply with all future users. We had few design iterations and launched a closed testing group until the desired look and functionality of the application was achieved.

The result

Nativie iOS app, simplified online shopping experience, best deals from 100+ shops with an option for online payment and direct delivery to customer’s address.

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