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With Storybox, create professional videos for your business and different purposes in minutes. Built natively for iOS and Android.

Services & scopes

UX Design and research
Visual identity
Native application development
System and architecture solution


Creating professional videos in a very simple way, using templates, adding music and text without need for editing, mixing or cutting just by your phone.

Our approach

Our approach started with a research of several existing applications already implemented on the market. We organised several meetings with key partners on the project, defining the most critical features that needed to be simplified in order to ensure a great user experience and all in one simple solution. We had several design iterations with a closed testing group until the desired look and functionality of the application was achieved.

The result

The app does everything for you! You can select from dozens of professionally built templates to suit your needs! Whether you want to promote your business, fill a vacancy, explain a new product, make an editorial contribution or present your company. You can watch the movie immediately and share it on social media, put it on your website, on YouTube - you name it.

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