1. Economy one of the biggest advantages of a coworking space is saving money. Imagine that you have to take the time to find an office, quality furniture, an internet operator, choose the best one and then still pay for it. That's a lot of time and money. In coworking spaces like tershouse, everything is already prepared for you. If you decide today to become a coworker, tomorrow you can already start working, without wasting time on adapting and arranging the space.


      2. You are surrounded by "coworkers" from various professions - in coworking spaces, your colleagues are people with whom you would probably not come into contact in everyday life, and who can potentially be your clients, mentors, partners, or who can at least inspire you through various ideas. Networking within a coworking space offers truly limitless possibilities. Being constantly surrounded only by people from your profession can be boring and can negatively affect creativity and narrow your horizons. According to some research, 82% of respondents who used coworking spaces claim that coworking has drastically increased their business networks.


3. Sociality and getting out of the comfort zoneworking from home can become monotonous and over time you can lose social skills and in addition, it is very difficult to sometimes distinguish between time for rest and work. On days when you are in the mood and feel extra social, you can play some of the board games with the coworkers. In coworking spaces, there is usually a perfect balance between work and fun (in case you choose that combination yourself).


4. Access to halls and tables - most coworking spaces beside tables also offer common rooms such as halls of different sizes (tershouse offers 4 types of halls #justsaying), kitchen, rest area, room for phone calls, etc. You certainly can't be bored, as it can happen in standard offices where your only rest and 'change of walls' is going to the toilet.


5. Efficiency and productivity - working from home is often not completely efficient because there is always some housework or just a couch and Netflix seem more interesting than laptops and daily business commitments. In addition to this, it has been proven that working from home affects the family atmosphere in a negative sense precisely because of the blurred boundaries between business and private obligations. In the coworking space, you have no choice but to work (and have a little fun with the coworkers in the chess kitchen if you’re in tershouse).


6. Increasing self-confidence - compared to traditional offices, working in coworking spaces raises self-confidence to 90%, based on research! The reason for this is probably the flexibility that coworking spaces offer as well as a community environment that is not competitive but full of support. This is also influenced by the fact that most coworkers can choose their working hours and with whom they will build intimacy and with whom they will not. Unlike traditional offices in coworking spaces, you have no need to build a business persona, since you are surrounded by coworkers who do different things and for different companies so there is no sense of competition or competition among coworkers 


7. Flexibility - work in coworking spaces includes free distribution of work responsibilities and schedules. If you work for a foreign market and have to adjust to a different time zone; it's no problem. Some coworking spaces like tershouse work 24 hours a day and offer their coworkers the option to come when it suits them. Your only obligation is to follow the old one: "Whoever leaves last, turns off the lights." - Nikola Tesla probably 


8. You become part of the coworking community around the world - once you decide to work in coworking spaces, there is no going back (at least according to people who have tried working from home and in traditional offices). In addition to this fact, once you get used to the coworking lifestyle, you will find that you can find quality and innovative coworking spaces anywhere in the world. tershouse belongs to the community of coworking partners throughout Europe, which is why you can get discounts in partner coworking spaces.