1. How come Bojan ended up in the IT industry and how did it all start?

I came across computers a long time ago and quite by accident. I don't even know how the Commodore 64 came to my house because no one had any points of contact with the IT world, but it started there, even though Pentium computers already existed at the time. My love for computers began while I struggled to install the game via cassettes and set it up with a screwdriver, believe it or not. Everything else somehow went by itself. And the graphic design came spontaneously, I don't even know how I got to, in the beginning, GIMPA and later PHOTOSHOP and started drawing something, manipulating photography and the like, but I know that very early I earned the first 10-20 KM for a "logo" that looked like everything else except a logo. And so it all started very spontaneously and somehow unplanned.

2. Bojan, tell us something briefly about the studio in your own words. How many of you are employed, what do you mostly do, when did you start, etc.?

I like to say for Beem Creative Studio, that it is a studio with a complete service. We deal with graphic and web design, marketing in all its forms and programming or development (for development programming we have an external team with whom we cooperate when needed). I started with the studio relatively recently, more precisely in 2020, and I have been dealing with graphic design for some 12 years CCA (fulltime /freelance). Our team consists right now of two people and in the near future we are not planning to expand our team because everything is working great for now. And since we are in a coworking space, there are always enough people who can come to the rescue if there is a shortage of manpower.


3. The new start-up project you are working on is a platform that connects influencers and companies that want advertising. How is the project supposed to look like?


Yes, as far as the startup story is concerned we have prepared a lot of ideas, when I think about it maybe even too much (laughs). We are currently working on two of our startup projects and not on five for which we have ideas. One of these two platforms is a platform that will connect influencers with clients or companies that want or have an interest in influence marketing. We think that influence marketing is just entering the big door in BiH and we do not see that there is a "simple" link between the client or the influencer. Also, influencers do not have enough awareness about what they can and how they can do it, so we get a team that advertises services or products for 50 KM. It can be much better and on a higher level…We often get comments "Why would an influencer want a better platform then Instagram for what he/she is doing?”, so the answer is "He/she doesn't need it!" People confuse this startup of ours with Instagram and a similar app and in fact it will be something quite the opposite. Influencers will continue to use Instagram as a tool for advertising and our platform as a tool for finding clients. I won’t go into too much details…

4. How do you choose which influencers you will work with, i.e. are there any criteria, number of followers or similar?

As far as the criteria is concerned, there must be some criteria according to which we select people on the platform. Certain contents and values ​​that are being promoted will really not have a place on our platform regardless of the number of followers…And I don't see anything else as eliminatory, especially not the number of followers because realistically in some cases people with 5000 followers have better engagement than those with 25000 “sleeping followers”. So that will by no means be a criteria. Of course, we are not counting that someone like me who has 320 followers and 7 likes will apply. Some "influence team" campaigns have been conceived, which I will discuss in more detail on another occasion, but they guarantee that there will be work for both those with 5k and those with 105k followers.

5. You mentioned that you’re working on an interesting weekend booking platform, is that something that could be interesting to our coworkers? What exactly is it about?


Yes. The platform has a weird name weeeekend.com and our slogan will be to make your weekend longer. Realistically classic booking platform from a technical point of view is not groundbreaking. We decided to make this platform about booking a weekend and nothing more. We all live fast and have no time and even if we have it is once or twice a year, for a longer vacation. I personally don't know what to do with myself during weekends, there is no online offer, there is nothing to book quickly. Well, we want to change that. We want to “force” future clients to make specific offers only for weekends, whether it's vacations, adventures, visits to cities or vacations in nature in a village with traditional food, etc. The idea is to summon it all in one place.

6. What does a day of a man working on several projects at the same time look like?


Well honestly it looks very boring and exhausting for someone who is not part of that world. But for me, who is doing what he loves it is a routine and I somehow manage to handle many startups and a full time job. It sounds impossible but it is. The day starts around half past 7 by wasting XY time on transportation and then on sorting tasks and priorities that I rarely respect the way I sort them. After those few hours of lost time, I start working and I work until the job is done. There are simply not many complications. Let's be clear here, the "philosophy" of hustle all day all night is not something I like and live by, however realistically I work a lot, but I also get to rest, socialize, enjoy life, etc.

7. Bojan, why did you chose tershouse among all other coworking spaces, and did working here bring you new projects and business connections?


I’ve changed a lot of coworking spaces through the work I do. When I see how I look at coworking and what I notice maybe even too much. But tershouse "bought" me with its hospitality and warmth. It's not the fast internet or the location that impressed me, nor the modern and tidy environment, all those things can be found easily elsewhere. But the way Nermin treats future coworkers and that kind of feeling that you belong right there without any favoritism of anyone in any sense is what I liked. After a few days of staying there, you immediately start saying „we at ters“…But I knew right away that I wanted to be right there. And this isn’t some fake hymn to you now, I would simply love if people would just come here and experience it for themselves, then they would know what I’m talking about.


I met some phenomenal people here. Through acquaintances, you also build connections, and connections are the most valuable thing, and that's business. Business comes with connections. Specifically, as far as projects are concerned, we have already started working on two projects with the team from tershouse and these are projects that are very serious and long-term! I think that speaks enough in favor of what I was talking about connections!


8. Your life moto?

Complicate simply! 


Available for hire now!

Bojan Mićić- UI/UX Designer

Bojan has been part of the tershouse since 2021. He is the owner of Beem Creative Studio, a creative digital agency focused on graphic design, WEB design, programming and digital marketing. If you want to hire Bojan, visit the links of his social networks or contact a tershouse representative!