Coworking spaces have become very popular nowadays. It is even safe to say that they are even more common than the office spaces. The popularity increases with the increased demand for the places, yet what does it stand for? 

The term "Coworking space" was introduced back in 2005, by Brad Neuberg. It was the first-ever try to align the freelancing and office environment together. The initial plan was to create a place for the entrepreneurs and people with the relatively free and modern approach which was way outside the official box. The place in San Francisco had indeed doors wide open for anyone with a bright mind and outstanding ideas. It turned out to be one of the best alternatives for the garages, the bedrooms, and coffee shops. 

Since then, many coworking spaces have been created and endorsed by millions of people in almost every corner of the world. The extreme popularity of those places is determined by the change of the corporate culture and the very different approach towards the jobs. Moreover, the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs is increasing time by time, which also contributes to the increased demand for private, yet common working spaces. 

We have observed... 

That, with millions of people joining coworking spaces annually, it significantly boosts business efficiency and productivity. The corporate culture and concentration improve drastically as well. The secret behind the success of similar places is quite easy. 

The concept of the coworking space is to be authentic, outstanding, vibrant, and creative. If you feel these vibes when entering the door of the space, you have come to the right place. Four walls, usually colored in one color, similar desks and a bunch of office stuff on them, can make employees very demotivated. They can be routine and boring. The same place, the same people, the same things. This is the primary enemy of creativity and productivity. 

Coworking spaces are designed in a way that is interesting for your eye and comforting for your mind. Most usually there are vibrant colors, comfortable chairs and desks, many small details and eye-catching items, and of course plants, which bring the fresh soul to the whole space. This makes everything extraordinary, not casual. The place does not tell you - "Work", but instead it tells you "enjoy". And the only way when you can be really innovative and productive is when you enjoy yourself. No job can be fulfilled successfully unless you enjoy what you are doing. 

The corporate culture means a lot 

With the standard corporate culture companies try to persuade their employees to be productive. Sometimes these situations can be very stressful and negatively impact your attitude and approach to your work. Even if you work alone or in a small team, constantly choosing different locations to complete your job can be very tiresome. And home does not really matter how comfortable it is, is still a home, the place where you are supposed to be resting and not working. 

Change in your working habit, in this case, changing your working place means the change in your corporate culture. You set new values to yourself and give your work more meaning. Trying to find the best place to work, means to respect the idea and the job you are doing. It also means that your intentions of succeeding are serious. In a coworking place, you are not limited in choice. You can be alone, or you can be with others, but you will always remain a part of the community. 

One of the biggest perks and benefits of the common working space is a variety of people. While most of them are freelancers or very small companies, they all are very different from each other. Though, the fact that you all have chosen one place to work at, already means that there is an invisible bond between you. After some time those strangers become the closest strangers to you and you all become one big community, with the same passion. 

The passion has it all 

We all think that the product we have created is the best and often forget to hear others' opinions. Though, in coworking places, the community often becomes one of the biggest idea generators, with constantly commenting and improving features. It is very easy to ask for an opinion from people you consider as creative and innovative as you are. Some of the greatest products and services were born this way. 

Moreover, you might make great discoveries for your team. There have been many cases when some people turned out to be at the right place at the right moment. Many freelancers have met in the coworking spaces and created collective projects, which turned out very efficient. 

Be in charge and make up your mind 

At work, in a cafe, at home, there might be many disturbing factors. It might be the opened window, a nice car passing by, neighbors' kids screaming, your cat stepping on your laptop, slow WiFi, and many other things, which can switch you from being productive to being frustrated in a matter of a second. In the place where everything is designed to make you feel concentrated and efficient, such cases are lowered to the minimum. 

You are on your own and no one controls your schedule. This means that you are the responsible one for your actions and interaction during the whole day. Control your time and thoughts. Collect them in one place and make them work simultaneously. This is what coworking place offers you as an opportunity and a feature. 

The community effect

Collaborate and create 

Ideas are born in a place where freedom is welcomed the most. Though ideas are developed in the working and discussing process as well. The community, which is the precious part of all coworking places, can become your source of creativity. When constantly seeing people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and skills working on their projects, your motivations to create something more flamboyant increases as well. What is more, whenever you discuss your idea, the recommendations and advice pop up from all sides, sophistication the initial concept. 

One way or another, we should give huge credit to the first-ever coworking place idea, which decided to come across to the human mind. Regardless of your job, your age, nationality, background, or skills, there is no one to judge you. When going to the office, most of your coworkers know your experience, position, and skillset. Yet, in coworking space, you step in as a new person, with the personal space and the community around.