1. What does the American Councils for International Education do, your current employer and what is your function? How do the things you do look in practice?


The American Council is an International organization that mainly deals with student exchange. In BiH, the American Council implements several programs: "Yes program", "Yes abroad program", "Balkan language initiative program" and others. In essence, we help, coordinate students who come to BiH, or Sarajevo or Banja Luka, to adapt to the environment, we help them with b/h/s language classes, we find them tutors, host families in which they stay during their stay in BiH. I am currently a financial and administrative officer and program coordinator on the "Yes abroad program" as well as the "Balkan language initiative program". My job is to be responsible for all accounts, to monitor the financial capacity of the company. As for the program coordinator position, I am here to help students with everything they need.


2. What do you think a world, in which education is free and accessible for all, would look like? 

Beautiful, honestly. I think we would be in a utopia then, it is the world we want, but unfortunately, we are deeply aware that we will never have such a world and we simply live with it and fight and do our best to improve our community and do as much as we can to make this world a little nicer place.


3. What are the benefits of working for an international organization?


First of all, as far as the labor market in BiH is concerned, when you work in an international organization, you have completely different rights and benefits that workers in BiH, unfortunately, do not have. In addition, it is an exciting, dynamic environment in which you can meet different people, where you can learn to function within a diverse environment, in addition, of course, you can perfect any language you want to improve. You can learn a lot from colleagues who have learned to do things differently, maybe faster, easier, better, etc.


4. Since when have you been a coworker in a tershouse and what do you think are the advantages of working in a coworking space compared to working from an office or home? 


We have been in the tershouse since March 2021. I can say that coworking space has affected me in the sense that I am much more productive when I have colleagues around who are constantly doing something and who are constantly busy so it motivates you, and you always have someone to talk to if you need a little break and I think that it was a great idea that we chose tershouse.


5. Who is Merima when she is not an employee of the American Council? 


Merima is a very cheerful, crazy person, who likes to hang out. I spend most of my time, if I'm not with family, with friends, people I love, who are dear to me. I like to spend time in nature, sometimes I like to be in the aunty role, although I often laugh and tell my sister "I can be with them for 5 hours but then I'll bring them to you and then you continue. "



6. You are young and I guess you have some plans for the future. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


It’s so hard to think ahead. In ten years, I see myself with much more knowledge, experience, self-confidence, I can't say that I don't see myself in the company I'm in at the moment. I think that the field of finance is a field in which I want to develop and I hope that in ten years I will really succeed, considering that in the past I did not deal with finances, I aspired more to social sciences, languages, etc.


7. What do you do in your free time, do you have any hobbies? 


In my free time I usually go to the gym, physical exercise helps me a lot, I often have back problems, so I "fix" them in the gym. In my free time, I like to visit various places, I often take photos, it is my hobby. I like to notice special moments or places that I think some other people might not notice and then I like to record it with my phone or camera. Also, I enjoy riding my bike since I live in Kakanj, in a suburb and there is a lot of greenery and often with a friend, when I have time to ride a bike, we rest in nature…


8. Life motto?


Everything is possible when you want it.