A complete solution is very often an option that every client is looking for in their new project and for this reason, an external software development agency can provide their business with a full solution customized to their project needs. Hiring a development agency means that you will have a one-stop shop for design, development, and deployment because the agency will bring a multitude of facets to the table.

Within the treehouse coworking community, we had a chance to hear both sides of the development cycle: client/company on one hand and the development agencies on the other hand. Based on their thoughts and experiences here are some of the advantages of working with a development agency:

  • Easy access to talents & diverse expertise

  • Team quality and scalability

  • Cost optimization & time-saving

  • Project Management

Easy access to talents & diverse expertise

A software agency is the right choice when it comes to startup development and big projects because an agency can provide a combined amount of experience that will ensure your project is delivered to your standards while applying the best development practices from previous projects. If you’re unsure about the scope and scale of your project, leave it to an agency and their experts to guide you during the initial phases of development.

Team quality and scalability

Members of software development agencies are precisely selected according to their previous experience in different fields. When it comes to scalability, an agency can allocate relevant resources since they have fully dedicated members and teams across different technologies. 

Cost optimization & time-saving

The reason is simple: they’ve worked on enough projects to give a fair quote on any project accurately. Compared to working with a local agency or hiring your own programmers this is definitely a cheaper option. 

Recruiting, learning to cooperate in a team of local developers, takes time and requires attention that an agency can devote to product development. Developers in a software agency follow the company's processes and have already implemented at least a few projects together, so they can immediately start working efficiently.

Project management

Project management is a very important part of the development process. The project manager will help facilitate client and agency communication with one another. Project managers also make sure that the development process is proceeding as scheduled. If problems do arise, project managers will intervene and provide needed communication to help resolve the issue. This ensures that there are minimal hiccups during the timeline of the project.

About tershouse software agency

We are a joint venture of smaller IT companies within the biggest coworking community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a very short period, we’ve created a great team of IT professionals. The level of expertise and decades of cumulative IT experience led to new interesting projects we worked on together. Our main focus is on full-stack web development and native mobile apps.

Do you want to digitalize your business with a custom-made software solution, have a new project on your mind or do you just need additional IT forces to support your current team?

Feel free to reach out or book free online consultations and let us know how we can work together.