Whether you're organizing a small event for just a few people, a big conference, or a meeting, planning is a big deal!

One of tershouse’s activities is the rental of our event space, as well as the services of organizing the perfect event. Our eventspace is new, modern and spacious, and it is possible to modify it depending on the type and size of the event. The area of the space is 220m2, and there is a possibility of installing modular partitions to make two smaller halls. We also offer different types of chairs, tables, stage setup, and the most modern technical equipment.

As someone who has a series of successfully organized events behind us, the tershouse team offers you some useful tips on how to organize a perfect event!

Where, when, how?

Before you start the organization process, it is essential to define the goals and vision of how you want your event to look like. Based on information about the target group of guests and the type of event, you can determine whether your event should be in a more relaxed atmosphere, or still require a more business or exclusive version. In the tershouse event space, it is possible to adjust the space to your vision, and make an adequate organization for all types of events.


What are the costs?

Budget planning. Even before you throw yourself into the organization of space, service, and additional technical support, it is important to plan the budget available to you. The further course of the organization depends on the budget, understandably.

Number of people?

The next step is to define the number of people who will attend the event. Depending on the type of event and the available budget, it is good to determine the optimal number of people who would attend your event. In this way, you can make decisions about seating arrangements, serving methods and lighting. Up to 100 people can be accommodated in our event space, and for smaller events it is possible to adapt to different types of settings.


Technical Support

Choose adequate technical tools that contribute to a better organization. You can find the state of art tech equipment for event organization in our event space. Just some of the tools are: mixers, studio bugs, wirelles microphones, press microphones, the latest innovations in the field of sound, active sound boxes, zoom audio recorder, amplifiers, sound cards, podcast recording equipment, projectors, cinema screen, LED spotlights, cameras, tripods, and various computers. For each guest in the tershouse event space, the team is ready to offer the best equipment to use, as well as tips on using it - whether you have experience or not!


People appreciate details. Do your best to provide all the little things that might mean something to the guests, and in addition, they are worth something that improves the audience's perception of the event. For example, it would be nice to provide details such as: name tags, markers, sticky notes, pens, white board, gifts, agenda, flyers...This will make the event easier to remember, and you will definitely give the impression that you are very effort invested in the organization of their project.

Event branding

An event with a clear goal and vision should be easy to brand. Use audience research and find a way to show how unique your event is and why it’s worth attending. You can use promotional materials to encourage people to talk about the event. Think about the name of the event, the logo, the slogan - that's how you can brand your event.

Interior design

When you know the type and theme of the event, location, number of people, get ready to design the interior. You need to find space solutions on your own or with the help of a designer. You have to adjust the details, colors and formality to the nature of your event. What is good - Tershouse event space is very simple, spacious and, best of all, adaptable, and it can be completely transformed. From children's birthdays, stand-up comedy evenings, to formal meetings, debates or summits - the space can be adapted to everything!



Welcoming the guests in a warm manner leaves a great impression. Make sure someone greets guests in front of the space, directs them to the entrance, shows the space or seating area, to make each guest feel appreciated. With small signs of attention at the first welcome meeting, you can thank the guests who visited your event, and make a good impression at the start.

Back-up plan

Before the day of the event, make sure you have a back-up plan in case of any changes, cancellations or mistakes in the organization. Plan B, and reacting quickly can always save the day. In the case of some new situations, there is very little time to think, so it is important to think about potential problems in advance, and present solutions to them.


Coordination at the event

Coordination refers to the completion of plans with each member of your team and staff or event volunteers. Everyone involved in the event should know what is expected of them and how important their role is for the success of the event. You will need to coordinate the different components of the day’s events and give a schedule to each team member and your venue representative. That way you have an insight into everything, and you have more power to prevent any potential mistakes.

Follow up

 Make an effort to have a conversation with the guests in the first 24 hours after the event, if the type of event allows it. You can do this by thanking them for coming, sending photos from the event, or sharing with them the successful results you achieved at that event. In case you are planning the next event, feel free to ask them if they are satisfied with everything organized, and ask them to express their opinion if they think that some things need to change in the future. Feedback can be a good foundation for the future.

By following our tips, you can be sure that your event will have good results, and that you and your guests will be happy and satisfied. If, despite our advice, you think that you are not brave enough to organize such a event, with the tershouse event space and the team, it is possible to bring all your ideas and goals to life.

Author: Nevena Lučić