The freelance industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the last of a couple of years. More and more people who have knowledge from different fields decide to share it as freelancers. Tershouse coworking space has a large number of freelancers who make up our community. While talking to them, we gathered a lot of useful tips on how to start a career of this type.

A common problem for freelancers, or people who want to become one, is that they don’t know how and where to start.

The first thing you need to know is what a freelance career brings you. Flexible working hours, financial independence, freedom, and independence in general. You can be a part-time freelancer as an additional job, or as a permanent job that offers you sources of income throughout the year.

What every freelancer highlights as the biggest advantage in their career is freedom. Freedom to choose clients, the type of work they will do, the price they get for their work, as well as the time they will spend on one project.

When we hear the term freelancer, we usually associate it with the IT industry, however, in practice there are other jobs that you can do as a freelancer. Some of them are:

  • Writing, editing, and publishing texts
  • Social networking
  • Data entry
  • Finance, accounting
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Translation
  • SEO
  • Web and graphic design

Use your knowledge!


In order to successfully pursue any of the above jobs, it is necessary that you really master the subject. Take advantage of the rich opportunities that your knowledge offers you! With vision, an innovative approach and investing in knowledge and skills, comes the time for your path to success! A freelance career is available to everyone, well paid and attractive. It is important that you have knowledge, are willing to learn and progress, and invest in new skills - the results come faster than you expect!

How to find clients?

Doing business is possible through platforms designed to connect employers and freelancers, or by direct communication with potential clients. There are a large number of platforms, and they differ in that some of them are already specialized in a certain area. The largest and most well-known platform for these purposes is Upwork, to which freelancers around the world can apply. The selection process is chosen by the employer, based on the presented portfolio, concluded collaborations, prices of services, and the like. In addition to Upwork, recommendations also go for the sites Freelancer, Toptal, SimplyHired, CodeControl.

Make a brand out of your services. In order for employers to choose you over your competitors, it is essential that you have your own identity. This includes a portfolio, social media profiles, and perhaps even a website, where customers will have access to information about your offer, as well as an overview of the work. These are the details on the basis of which you will differ from the masses, and be recognized by the general public.

Update your profiles regularly

You need to display current information on your profiles that represents you accurately. This includes basic information about you, recommendations for your work, prices and all relevant information that may qualify you as a good freelancer. Update profiles regularly, whenever you complete a new project. It is necessary to collect as many recommendations as possible because they build your credibility on the platform and present your work in the best light. A large number of freelancers manage to successfully present themselves on the Linkedin platform, which is suitable for networking with colleagues in the industry, potential employers, clients, etc. Our suggestion is to dedicate yourself to activities through your profile on Linkedin, because it will bring you many opportunities, expand the network, as well as the opportunity to present yourself in the best light.

Be patient and don’t give up easily!

When you start a career, you need to be aware that it does not bring you earnings overnight, as well as that you will encounter many ups and downs. The key to success is patience. Until you successfully complete the first few projects, get recommendations, and portfolio material, it can be harder to reach new clients. Therefore, if it takes you up to several months to be recognized as a quality, reliable and respected freelancer, do not lose hope and give up!

Risks and recommendations for freelance careers

As we have listed the many benefits of this type of earning and career-building, we must also look at the potential risks and limitations you may face.

As one of the risks or disadvantages of a freelance career, we point out the complicated legal regulations and the large amount of paperwork that needs to be done in order to legally declare oneself as a freelancer. Unfortunately, the procedures can be very long and laborious, which is an obstacle for many to decide on this step. So, arm yourself with patience and take action!

It is necessary to maintain self-discipline. As a freelance job is not fixed to working hours, you will often be in a situation where other activities seem more fun than work. Working from home can sometimes be disorganized if you are not self-disciplined. Self-discipline is an important factor influencing work, which is why you need to maintain balance so that free time does not turn into work, and so that you do not procrastinate your tasks.

But there is a solution for that too! Working from a coworking space gives you the opportunity to be motivated and productive in a work atmosphere, while also retaining your right to flexibility and choice of working hours.

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As a freelancer, you will not be able to switch off after work and dedicate yourself to other things. If you want success, sometimes you will have to work late and overtime, get up early, and adjust to clients who are often in a different time zone.

You need to know how to deal with the risks. As a freelancer, you should be aware of the fact that no one guarantees you permanent jobs and projects, and that it largely depends on you. Therefore, you need to be prepared to deal with the risk of project shortages, too much work, financial instability, as well as career stagnation.

Taking into account all the listed opportunities and risks of a freelance career, carefully consider them and decide whether you are the right person who can do this type of work. Be realistic about yourself, your expectations, as well as the level of skills and knowledge you possess, based on which you can very easily make the decision to start a freelance career.

The tershouse team keeps fingers crossed that you become successful in your freelancing career if you decide to start one and you could probably join our community which counts many freelancers!

Author of the article: Nevena Lučić, Assistant Community manager