In the premises of the tershouse coworking space, a memorandum of cooperation was signed last week between the company tershouse d.o.o. and the agency Manpower d.o.o.

With offices in over 80 countries around the world, Manpower is a global leader in the field of temporary and permanent employment, providing organizations of all sizes with continuous staff solutions to improve business readiness and competitiveness.

"In order to devote ourselves as much as possible to the Southeast European market, Manpower is organized into the Manpower SEE cluster with 12 offices in 5 countries and over 250 professionals who connect interested stakeholders every day. Considering the rapidly growing IT industry, and the increased demand for experts, of which there is no shortage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, cooperation with tershouse will open the opportunity for international regional cooperation between the largest companies and the best experts in their fields. We are very much looking forward to all future projects with tershouse, which aim to raise the BiH economy to a higher level. " - said Selma Isabegović (Country General Manager) and Haris Kadenić (Marketing Director SEE region).

Nermin Šehić, software developer and founder of tershouse, and Vedad Tokača, business development manager of tershouse software agency, expressed their satisfaction with the signing of the memorandum.

'It gives me great pleasure that we have entered into a partnership with the Manpower agency, taking into account the previous informal cooperation through other channels. The development of the domestic ecosystem and the startup scene is a challenging and long-term path, but I believe that with joint efforts we can bring our market closer to what it is in the region and the EU, especially if we take into account the role of Manpower and their knowledge of the regional and world market through cooperation with to clients from many industries. I believe that this partnership will contribute to the development of some new ideas and successful projects in the near future.' - said Šehić.

"We are extremely glad that Manpower recognized the importance of partnership with local companies, considering that it will also cover a wider range of services such as: software development services and outsourcing, coworking space as needed for current and new Manpower clients, organization of various types of events and quality personnel solutions for tershouse community members. Considering the previous experiences in different fields, I consider it even more useful to share information among partners, which I believe will have a positive impact on making quality and timely decisions in the course of business. - said Tokača.