On the 24th of June in tershouse’s event space the application MySaloon was launched and presented for the first time to a wider audience.The guests had the opportunity to hear a little more about its origin, the idea, and the technical possibilities it offers. After the instructions for use were presented, the guests had the opportunity to pose questions and express their ideas to the sunray team, who answered all of them. Also, by using the demo order, guests at the event were the first to try the application.

It is a special honor and pleasure of ours that the idea of ​​starting MySaloon was born in our coworking space. We are proud of the sunray team who have been part of our community since its beginning, where the idea of ​​their cooperation arose spontaneously. Today, for them tershouse is not only a place to work, but also an inspiration and place where many collabs were born. They point out that in our space there really is a special energy amongst coworkers who are always ready to socialize and cooperate.

Below, read more details about the application itself and its possibilities.

Namely, MySaloon is intended for easier and faster ordering, reservations, and information about catering facilities. It is based on different softwares for guests and for waiters, as well as other staff of the facilities. Sunray points out that the use of MySaloon offers various benefits, both for clients and for catering staff. Some of them are:

  • Makes work easier for employees 
  • Provides opportunities for faster customer service
  • Increases the popularity and builds the image of the facilities
  • Provides the possibility of reservations
  • Provides the possibility of additional orders
  • Provides the possibility of monitoring the current atmosphere in the facility

Amenities for guests:

  • QR code scanning
  • Selection of items
  • Order acceptance
  • The caterer receives the order
  • Confirmation of the order by the caterer
  • Notification when the order is being prepared or on the way
  • Order arrival

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When it comes to the catering side of the application, the highlighted benefits for caterers are:

With the help of MySaloon, restaurateurs can create their own QR codes that make their menu available to all users of the mobile and web application. In addition, it is possible to modify them whenever necessary, and to include additional options such as discounts for a certain group of people, happy hour, free services/extras etc. The application is the easiest way to receive orders regardless of their volume and structure. The biggest advantage for restaurateurs is that even when they are not in the restaurants, the owners can monitor how the situation unfolds (how many orders the waiters receive, how many guests visited the establishment, current traffic, etc.). What is important to emphasize is that the QR code is available only within the premises, and in this way restaurateurs protect themselves from the possibility of misuse of codes and false orders. It is possible to create daily, weekly or monthly campaigns that can promote special offers. Every event in the facility can be advertised and announced to all users of the application, which promises greater reach to potential guests.

It is possible to access the digital menu in just two clicks. In addition to accessing the restaurant offer, there is also the possibility of booking a place, monitoring the live feed where you can see the current atmosphere in the facility. For all additional questions and concerns, you can call the waiter with just one click at any time, and you can complete your orders during your entire stay in the facility. The ordering process consists of several steps:

tershouse is a real incubator of innovative and creative ideas! Our coworkers from the sunray company launched their new application that will make it easier for many people to visit restaurants. Another proof that tershouse influences positive development and innovation is the MySaloon application for web and mobile devices, which we will be more than happy to use in our everyday life.