Productive learning requires a quiet place and a pleasant environment. The new generation of students is looking for the possibility to study according to their flexible and comfortable schedule, in order to achieve a balance between studies and other life interests. They often find their quiet place to study in cafeterias or libraries, rather than at home. But, coworking space offers many more benefits that can certainly contribute to the level of productivity in learning. When you are in an environment where everyone has the same goal - productive work, being in such an environment is stimulating and motivating.

Read below why you should join a coworking space as a student, and what benefits you have available if you join one of them.

The first and basic thing that most often stands out as an advantage of a coworking space is that students can direct all their concentration and effort towards learning. It is not necessary to think about other technical things like the table, neatness and cleanliness, internet, etc. All content is handled by the team of employees in the coworking space, which gives students the opportunity to leave their thoughts to learning and completing tasks without burden or thinking.

Many contents are also available that are included in the price of using the coworking space. Projector, printer, private meeting rooms, whiteboards, papers, ultra-fast internet connection, coffee, air-conditioned space and pleasant ambience. Once you come to the coworking space, you won't have to go out in search of anything - everything you might need is already available.

The coworking space allows students to adapt the time and duration of study to their individual schedule and without limits. The space is open 0-24 hours for all members, so whether you like studying at night or during the day - you always have a place to concentrate without distractions!

If you are an introvert or simply not used to spending the day surrounded by a large number of people, a coworking space is a good foundation for getting out of your comfort zone. As a member of a large community, you will be able to face your insecurities and social barriers, which will make you more ready to enter the labor market. Also, according to many studies, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, getting out of the comfort zone and looking from a different perspective contributes to the development of entrepreneurial and innovation skills and abilities - which can be a significant opportunity for a student. (more at: Why You Need to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone (

Coworking spaces are not only a space, but also a community of people of different professions, positions and interests who find inspiration for work and study in one place. In the coworking space, students can meet many people and create connections that will be of great importance to them in the business field in the future. One of the biggest benefits of working from a coworking space is getting to know people from different industries in one business environment. Expanding the network opens many doors, and you never know who you can meet in the coworking space, and how it can be useful to you in the future.

Coworking spaces often host many workshops, seminars or lectures in various fields. And the convenience of community members is access to most of those events. Therefore, if you have interests in extracurricular education, activities, and socializing, you will often get the opportunity to attend some of the interesting content.

In addition to a quiet place to study, a coworking space can also be a place where you can earn extra pocket money. If you have some of the skills that you can use to provide services on freelance platforms, you can find a large number of freelancers in the coworking space who are willing to help you enter the job market. Since a full-time job is hard to come by while studying, part-time jobs can be a great source of income during periods when you don't have many responsibilities at university. We wrote about entering the world of freelance business before, you can recall it here (How to start a freelance career? ( Because of this, coworking spaces can be an ideal place for many different needs of each student.

A large number of coworking spaces for students offer special packages at reduced prices. Thus, by joining tershouse, you can pay a lower student price and get use of the space without any limits, with a fixed desk, and all other benefits used by other members.

Now that we've covered all the benefits of joining a student coworking space, consider visiting tershouse, where all your wants, needs and demands can be met. It is the best way to get to know this way of working and learning, and we are sure that here you will find your oasis for inspiration, motivation and new successes!