1. How would you describe the aesthetics and design of the new space?

The first thing we have to say is that we love tershouse and the idea of participatory coworking in which the space changes according to the needs of its users.

The existing tershouse is a great combination of a good strategy that provides a functional space and DIY solutions that add charm to the space.

When Nermin (the owner of tershouse) showed us the industrial hall that he chose for the new space, a second love happened instantly and those two loves (for the idea and for the space) were the biggest fuel for us in this project.

In order not to be "all of us", Nermin really knows his users very well, what they like/ dislike and he helped us a lot with advice when we were working on the project.

2. How will the new space serve tershouse users; how would you compare it with the old one, what are the main differences?

The short answer would be same idea, bigger scale, better space.

The current house of ters is functional and charming, but at some point, it would become too small for all its users.

We took over the good principles of the current ters, materialized its individuality, transferred it to a larger scale and got this project. We thought that it would only be natural for this bigger, better ters to become a city, and that's why we proposed the name City of Ters. (which we now publicly appeal to remain).