Conference room as a collaborative station

Approach the challenge differently. Gather your team in an unusual atmosphere and bring them to one of our halls where they will be free to brainstorm and generate a lot of good ideas that will ultimately change the way you face your challenge.

Conference room as a training ground for success

Tershouse conference rooms as a training ground for success - why not! Research shows that the best effect of training-education for employees is achieved while being in the external conference rooms. Train your business and your employees in our halls – do not miss the chance for a successful result. Our halls are an ideal space for external training, motivational workshops, teambuilding, and lectures.

Conference room as a mission launchpad

They say preparation is half the job done. Do you have an ongoing project that a team of geniuses is working on? Provide a space where this team will develop the best possible solutions for your project.

Conference room as a secret keeper

Our rooms are designed to keep your information and secrets confidential. Unlike open spaces, cafes, restaurants - our halls are equipped, soundproofed, which in addition to this role has an aesthetic character, so do not worry. Your secrets are safe with us.

Conference room as the power to make a great impression

Just as a tailor-made suit gives the first impression of business and seriousness, the same way our conference rooms encourage your intentions towards business success and show your potential business partners the seriousness of your company and job. Be modern - and ters your businesses.

Conference room as focus enabling space

Unlike any other space where you can't avoid external sounds - our halls are ideal for focusing your attention on your thoughts, intentions, and business plans. Here, you can listen, watch, participate, and exchange opinions for current challenges with great concentration - together with your team.

Conference room as an innovative environment

The largest companies in the world evolve their business on the principle of innovation. Provide for yourself and your company an oasis of peace and privacy where you can design new products/services that will bring profit to you and your company. Our halls are perfect for your innovative solutions.