tershouse is the first pet friendly space in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This means that pets are welcome in our space as much as our human coworkers and are just as valued as their two-legged owners.

Below, read the benefits of working in a pet-friendly work environment, which is based on research and the experiences of our coworkers. Probably about 50-60% of our coworkers have pets. It turned out that a large number of our coworkers consider this a great benefit, because many of them spend 10 or more hours a day at tershouse, and during that period their pets would sit at home alone and wait for their owners to return. "How much a person loves a dog is often funny to see, and difficult to explain. In addition to having my own table, my Stella in tershouse has her own bed, a blanket, and a view through the window of the park. She has coworkers that she can’t wait to see, another extended family, so to say. Having the opportunity to bring a dog to work is an incredible privilege.”

Our experience has shown that the pet-friendly rule is not only an advantage for most of our coworkers, but also for pets who enjoy spending the day with their owners.