We asked Ivona how she would describe the role of the Community manager, for those who are not familiar with this position, and how this role might have helped her in her personal growth.

She answered us honestly that Community management is a term that she also encountered for the first time when she applied for the position. Considering that this position is relatively new in our region and that still a small number of companies in their structure have a need for a Community manager, a list of tasks was created when she came, which the founder of tershouse, Nermin, and Ivona were working on and according to needs, expanded. But in short, we could say that the Community manager is actually a person who takes care of everything that has to do with the space and the people who live in it. This includes the slightly more boring side of work such as administration, contracts, invoices, but also creative tasks such as social networks, writing texts for blogs, designing internal events, assisting and organizing external events, leading yoga classes for our coworkers, hosting podcasts and much more.

When asked how this role helped her in her personal growth, she answers: "A lot, because this role widens your horizons; you come into contact with people with whom you might never find yourself in the same room or enter into a dialogue because at first you think you have no common topics. You also become mentally more flexible in the sense that you learn to multitask, develop soft skills, especially communication skills and everything else that comes with jobs that bring daily contact with people."

We continued the conversation about the favorite things about this position, which are according to her opinion that she met people she probably wouldn't have in a private "arrangement" and made new friends. She also states that at tershouse you can meet digital nomads from all over the world who travel around the region, start-up founders, artists, lawyers; so, in short, people of different ages, from different professional milieus, views of the world, etc. Ivona also says that "all this affects the expansion of your own horizons, you often hear stories along the way in the kitchen that become 'food for thought' and then you realize that you want to try something new , go to some new place that you happened to hear about, find out about some super cool documentary that doesn't belong to your usual sphere of interest and then accidentally at the age of 33 you discover a passion for some things that you didn't know existed until yesterday."