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Planning an event? Our events team is taking all necessary measures to ensure you have the safest event possible. Take a look at our COVID-19 response, and the steps we took in the recent period.


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#Lego conference room

Located in the heart of the tershouse, this hall is much more than expected. Whether you are organizing a meeting with a small group or want to make an educational workshop for up to 20 people - this is the ideal place either way. The hall comes with AC, soundproofed walls, with enough daylight and windows that you can open at any time. At the very exit from this hall, you can use the kitchen, which is right next door. Get a crunch of the fresh fruit, a sip of coffee and juice, or have a view of the green park and walking area.


Fast WiFi Capacity: 5-25 Conference Equipment Size: 30sqm

#Creative conference room

Whether you need a meeting room for 5-8 people, a tech studio for recording podcasts, or a room for focus groups, this space can be used to a great extent. The hall is located in the back of the tershouse space and is a real deal of privacy. This is the most commonly used conference room at tershouse and is considered to be the most creative one. The room is fully naturally light and bright, features modern glass designs, is rectangle-shaped for optimal presentation and meeting experience, and is equipped with state-of-the-art conference equipment.


Fast WiFi Capacity: 5-15 Conference Equipment Size: 20sqm

#Lounge conference room

If you want to support your ideas with style - this is the conference room for you. With an area of 25sqm, this conference room is located in the very last part of our tershouse space, which is not an accident. Suitable for medium groups of up to 20 people for educational events and corporate meetings, and presentations of up to 25 people. Large windows let in enough sun light to the room, and insulated walls are there for maximum meeting privacy. It is equipped with state-of-the-art conference equipment.


Fast WiFi Capacity: 5-20 Conference Equipment Size: 25sqm

#ters event space

ters conference room is located on the first floor of the building and is separated from the coworking space and other rooms. This turned the hall into a perfect oasis of privacy and concentration while holding events of any type. The windows of this hall are an ideal source of daylight and grant a feeling of the natural surrounding. Event space is suitable for various types of events such as seminars, theater based events, classrooms, presentations, workshops or conferences.


Fast WiFi Capacity: 10-60 Conference Equipment Size: 80sqm

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